Walk on the Wild Side this Halloween, Dancing, Singing and Telling Fortunes in Gypsy Girl Costumes.

Be the Bohemian,  Seductive, Mystic, Fortune Telling, Crystal Ball, Mystic Princess Gypsy.  Wild, Carefree, Nomadic, Passionate, Mysterious and Mystical!

Fortune Teller Gypsy Girl Costume - Adult PlusGypsy Girl Costumes are available in all sizes and different styles.  Sizes range from Child to Teen to Adult including Plus Size.

Styles of costumes go from Fortune Teller to Exotic Seductive to Gypsy Princess.

The Fortune Teller Gypsy Plus Size Adult Costume on the left will show off your mysterious side and sure to be a hit at any Costume or Halloween Party you attend.

Master the mysterious art of fortune telling using your crystal ball or tarot cards.

You will have so much fun playing the role of the exotic fortune teller gypsy at your next party or for Halloween.

Take a crystal ball and you’ll be ready to tell you your future. Mystical and mysterious, this seductress will be mixing things up this Halloween!

Gypsies have been about in the Balkan countries since the fourteenth century.  During the next two centuries, they made their way across Europe.

Sexy Bohemian Gypsy Girl CostumeThis Bohemian Gypsy Girl Costume is a Seductive, Exotic Outfit for your next Halloween or Costume party.

Through their nomadic lifestyle, they have been branded as traveling entertainers, Con artists and thieves.  Most gypsies have black hair and dark complexions.

Traveling in small caravans, they make a living as metalworkers, singers, dancers, musicians, horse dealers and fortunetellers.

“I’ll give you to the Gypsies” was a threat used by parents of naughty children in an effort to frighten them into being good.

Fortune Telling

Sexy Fortune Teller Gypsy Girl CostumesMany Gypsys work as Fortune-tellers at fairs and carnivals which suits their nomadic life style.

Besides telling fortunes, they show off their acrobatic skills and superb horsemanship skills.

The Mystic,  Sexy Fortune Teller Gypsy Costume on the left is the perfect party outfit.  Guys will be lined up to hear their future.

The most common topics people want to know about are financial, love, babies, marriage, divorce, jobs and illnesses.

Using crystal balls, astrology, reading palms or Tarot cards, Gypsies have been in the fortune telling business for many centuries.

Gypsy Annual Gathering Camargue France

Every May 25th, Gypsies travel to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer in the South of France for a week of celebration. It is one of the largest annual gatherings for the gypsies to honor Sarah, their patron saint.

Many marriages and baptisms take place among the gypsies during this time. Visitors travel from all over the world to St. Maries to see the gypsy folklore, music and traditions.

The French believed Saint Sarah was the daughter of Mary Magdalene.  The Camargue is famous for the Camargue Bulls and the Camargue White Horses that are bred in this area of the world.  The Bulls and Horses run free in the marshes of the area.  Even though both run free, neither are truly wild.

The Camargue White Horses are born black or dark brown and gradually turn white with age.  They usually are completely white by the age of four.  They are known for their smaller horse , large pony size standing around 13 to 14 hands.  They are also known for their calm disposition, agility, intelligence and endurance.

The Lipizzaner Horses from the Vienna Riding School have the same characteristic…born black or dark brown and turning white by the age of four.  The Lipizzaner has been bred to be slightly larger than the Camargue Horses.

“Light of the Moon” is a novel written by Luanne Rice.  The story takes place in the magical land  of Camargue, France and revolves around the Famous white horses, Saints, traditions and customs of the locals and the gypsies who spend one week every year there.

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